Sunday, May 31, 2015

Huzzah 2015

This weekend I attended Huzzah!, a great convention in Portland, Maine that was 2 1/2 days long, with a lot of great games, vendors and people. It also had a  board game room tucked in off to the side where I had an opportunity to put on an Axis and Allies game.  That was a lot fun as I seldom have the chance to play it at home.

My Friday night began after a little over 2 hour drive, checking into the hotel and getting some dinner with my grandfather at the Long Horn steak house. Back at the Con, I kicked off a weekend of gaming with the highly anticipated WW1 Chain of Command game that I had pre-registered for. Some pictures of the board and fight below.

As the German player we had to make a night time raid on a British trench line and kidnap the British captain that had much needed knowledge about the recent build up and activity of the British forces.

The Germans had 2 rifle squads and 2 storm trooper squads and had already made a breach in the barbed wire at two places and had advanced a rifle squad into British trench.

The British players were surprised-on just the second German initiative a German rifle section close assaulted a British squad and wiped out the entire squad with thier junior leader. Very bad dice rolling by the British dropped their Force Morale to 3! From there they could never really bounce back to mount any real resistance.

My comrades and I were able to grab the British captain and get him back to the German lines, a stunning German VICTORY !! Here's some more pictures of the action.

Saturday morning I put on my first game, which was Axis and Allies, 1940 the board game. The players were a great group of guys who knew the game well which always makes for a fun, fast paced (as fast as you can go in Axis and Allies) game. The Germans won as they broke the back of the British Navy and the Russian front line,  the      allies were just never able to mount an effective counter attack anywhere except for some futile Russian counter attacks that did nothing but help speed  the collapse of the allies, as Italy over ran the British in Egypt and the Medeteranian. All this happening before the 4th turn when the United States could enter the conflict.

A early snap of the action,

Later on that night I put on a "pick-up" Chain of Command game with John from ( my grandfather Dick Bryant ( and Kingston Irregulars  club member Dick White and myself. 

We had planned the pick up game as to who the players  were going to be but the  scenario was made up on the spot. I brought  as much stuff as I could for the CoC game but had definatly forgot some material. We rolled for a random mission and played a delaying action. 

John brought his Red Devils (British paratroopers): Force Rating +8 and 6 command dice.

The Germans fielded a regular panzer grenadier platoon: Force Rating +1 with 5 command dice.

From the start things didn't go well for the British as the terrain did not favor the attacker, also the dice Gods were just not on their side this game.

the end of the patrol phase

The British having to attack the long way up the table, the Germans had only 3 patrol markers and were able to get them locked down relatively quickly, before the British had the chance to grab any decent ground for their JOPs. That being said heres some pictures of the action and terrain below.
Heres the action

Things did not go well for the British as the Germans were able to delay the Britsh paratroopers advance,Inflicting major casualties without loosing many of their own men.

I also had the chance to play in Eureka miniatures' showcasing of the Chain of Command game at Huzzah, to get people interested and give them an idea of how the game is played.

The gaming going on around Huzzah

This was a Bolt Action game
In action

American Cival war

Command decision

Overall, Huzzah! was a success ! Great turn out , a lot of great looking games and a fun time. I'm looking forward to it next year but right now I'm focused on Historicon in just a few weeks.