Sunday, May 31, 2015

A German attack ! CoC AAR

Today we played an attack defend scenario with a regular German platoon attacking an American armored rifle platoon. Below are pictures of the terrain

The Germans rolled a 6 and got 4 free moves in the patrol phase.

The end of the patrol phase.

The German OBJ was the orchard behind the house.

The Germans deploy first and rolled two double sixes in a row and were able to deploy 2 squads, one in the center of their line in front of the Inn, the second squad deployed to the far right .

The next phase brought another double six and the German squad on the far right mad a dash for the American jump off point in the back yard of the Inn.

The next phase the Germans made it within 4 inches if the American jump off point denying them use of it, also denying the Americans the ability to deploy into the building.

The Americans answered with their own double six phase and deployed their machine gun squad along the back of the fence and their 60 mm mortar squad behind of the orchard, immediately bringing fire onto the advancing Germans, inflicting shock.

The next phase the Americans rolled another double six bringing more and more fire on the Germans who were shutting down the American  jump off point. The German Jr. leader was wounded, pinning the squad.

The Americans also deployed a senior leader in the orchard.

The next German phase brought a double 6 allowing them to deploy one of their support options,    an observer for the 81 mm mortar who called for a barrage. They were also able to inflict  some shock on the 60 mm behind the orchard.

The next phase the Germans deployed yet another support option, a Stug III with JL targeting the American senior leader "hiding" in the orchard. He was by himself, thinking he was safe behind the line. The HE round killed him.

The Germans fired a ranging shot for their barrage, hitting their mark right on and forcing the Americans to make a dash before the barrage fell.

The next American phase saw half the American machine gun squad run into the bottom floor of the house and the other half jump the fence into the back yard just outside the reach of the oncoming barrage. The American 60 mm also fell back outside the reach of the oncoming barrage.

The Germans in the field in front of the building on over watch poured fire into the Americans as the entered the building killing one and inflicting shock.

The strategically placed mine field in front of the house was a brilliant move on the American's part forcing the Germans to  cross into the open on either side and not allowing them to rush into the building.  The Germans decided to stay put, and put fire into the bottom floor of the Inn. Also they knew that another American squad was lurking off to the German's far right.

The Stug also fired some rounds into the building and with combined HE and MG fire after many phases were able to kill the half of the American machine gun team in the building. But not before the Americans caused the Germans who were shutting down their jump off point to rout back behind the hedgerow, allowing the Americans to deploy a rifle squad into the second floor of the building.

The German squad in the field in front of the house was being withered away by the Americans in the building. The command dice didn't allow the Germans to active their Stug.

The Americans then deployed their last squad in attempt to rush the battered German squad. The Germans then played their Only Chain of Command Die of the game to interrupt the phase and shoot the machine gun team at the charging Americans killing one and applying 3 points of shock. unfortunately, that wasn't enough to stop the charging Americans. Even with the Germans thowing one more die than the American in the hand to hand, they managed to kill only one American, dooming the defending Germans.

The battered Germans then deployed their last squad and poured everything they had on the squad that had just wiped out the German squad and pinned them.
                          (Picture recreated quickly) 

Unfortunately that's all we had time for! As we spent a great deal of time  looking up rules, really trying to get these rules down pat! 

Personally I don't think there was a clear cut winner, as we ran out of time and both forces still in pretty good fighting shape, and both sides force morale still in great shape at 8 per side.

Following the game I asked a great deal of questions on the forum. 

All in all another great game and a good time with the club mates! Looking forward to more games!

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  1. Great looking game and quite exciting from the account.