Friday, August 7, 2015

Historicon 2015

I’m sorry that it has been so long since my last update this blog but  I've been crazy busy and haven't had the chance.

I managed to  attend  Historicon this year, which keeps my record, not having  missed for about 10 years.

Historicon this year had a great number in attendance. There were a lot of games this year, and some
great looking ones at that. Many people put a lot of time and effort into their tables, not to mention money. Having said that  there were still quite a few empty tables. Maybe the location is what is deterring game masters from attending. We defiantly could use more game masters putting on games, not just gamers attending just to play.

It seemed to be better flowing this year and more organized than the last couple years they had it in Fredericksburg, VA.

Hobby university had some really great classes on painting and terrain making.  Wargames Soldiers and Strategies very own, Chrissy  (unfortunately I don't know her last name), did a great class on painting 28 mm World War 2 German camouflage. I didn't get the chance to attend either day because there was room for only 6 people and I was playing a Chain of Command game on Saturday, on Friday the class was filled up by the time I got there. There was a bunch of other classes I got to observe that were awesome and very informative on painting miniatures and terrain making.

The dealer’s area, was a great disappointment this year! The worse I’ve seen in the 16 years of attending Historicon. There were far fewer dealers this year, with huge areas taken up by Flames of War and All Quiet on the Martian Front.  They both had large separate tables to display their games. A lot of booths were also non-historical dealers. And the other few booths they had were taken up with non hobby oriented booths, like super glue and a Liquor and Wine store. Many of the old standbys no longer show up – rather running a discount sale on line during the Historicon period. They miss the point that many by at conventions rather than on line so that they can see and touch the merchandise before they buy!

Usually the shopping is what a lot of people look forward to the most and I imagine there were a lot of disappointed costumers that are going to have to spend their money online. 

The food wasn't that great either, especially for the money they were charging for cheese burgers and French fries.

Other than some mild things that need to be worked on, the atmosphere at Historicon is always unmatched. It's always great seeing friends and playing games with friends you only get to see once 
or twice a year!

I look forward to seeing everyone again next year ! 

Here are some pictures of the action ! 

                                                        Days of Days (sword beach)

the biggest ancients game I've ever seen

WW2 skirmish game 


28 mm Chain of Command game I played in, put on by a great guy Ron Carnegie.  it was May 1940, I was playing as the french and managed to stop the German hoard.
Here I am in the white shirt planning the French defense and choosing support with my comrade.

this was from the painting competition, Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) firing at the german Tiger in Saving Private Ryan.
these group of pictures were from a 60 something mm WW2 skirmish game







Brad Pitt Fury 60 something mm figure



 It is always a great time at Historicon.

There was a lot of Great looking games this year!

A lot more than I got the chance to take pictures of.

I look forward to going next year, if everything goes according to plan through out the year.


  1. You have some great photos there, Rick! Also some great material on your blog already - I'm going to do a short blog post of my own promoting it, among others. I was hoping to touch base with you and Dick briefly at HAVOC this past March, but the awful weather that Saturday made getting out of Dodge and heading back to CT ASAP a very necessary move! Keep up the good work, and hopefully we'll run into one another at HAVOC or Historicon (or the small EllisCon in far Eastern CT in November)

  2. Thank you I appreciate it !! Yea we defiantly need to touch base at the next CoN which will probably be Havoc but maybe not as we have been very disappointed with the turn out at havoc the last few years.