Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to make wheat fields .. To give them a better look on the table

This one I'm gonna give you a quick easy way to make some great looking fields that work for every period of gaming and looks great on any table !

Firstly you need a welcome matt sometimes they can be a pain to find some you might have to do a little shopping around to find one.. then you will need some MDF board.. You want to cut the MDF board into your desired shape ... You can then file down your edges and the right angles. You can also keep your edges to fit smaller pieces together easier to make 1 big field.. Or leave them to stand on there lonesome (I filed down some of mine) next you want to take your welcome matt and cut a few pieces big and small to your liking and glue the pieces to your base (MDF)
The next step after letting your pieces dry to your bases you want want to texture the base,for this I used GROUT from Home Depot (local hardware store) spread it around and up to the base of your glued on pieces to blend them to base. Let that dry and after that's dry you can paint and dry brush the texture different browns to represent the dirt... Wile that's drying you can take and cut shavings from the welcome matt i used a little mechanical saw because cutting shavings from the Matt can be hard and take a wile.. This way it's fast and easy ... After you have a good amount of shavings  you want to take some watered down white Elmer's glue and an old brush and brush the glue on around your pieces you glued on to the base. Your going to want to use a good amount of watered down glue to get enough of your welcome matt shavings to stay and glue into place.. Let dry for a wile after you can drop more water and glue on top of the shavings ounce they dried to the base to help them stick better .. Personally I don't like the look of the shavings ounce the glue drys on top of them so I used something different called TACKY SPRAY . Just a quick couple of light sprays should do it .. Anymore you could ruin your field ...( Just on the the shavings you glued down) Ounce that drys you can then flock your surround areas that were not covered buy the shavings ... I did with mine and preferably like them better than just leaving them bare... Ounce that's done HAPPY GAMING !!! He's some pictures of the process to give you a visual ..again any questions feel free to email me at

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