Saturday, February 28, 2015

Making wooded areas

He's a quick in simple way to make wooded areas that look great on the table.
  • MDF board 
  • Grout
  • Sand texture
  • Flock 
  • Grass turfs 
  • Some little rocks
  •  Woodland scenic clump foliage 

After gathering materials your ready to start.

 Firstly cut the MDF board to the desired shape and size .
As you can see I cut a round piece to use as a base.

Next cover the base with a thin coat of grout 

Next after you let the grout dry take the sand texture and cover the grout 
Let dry .. Next you can add some little rocks where you like randomly ... Then spray paint the whole thing black .. Then paint the rocks 
  • Base coat Vallejo dark grey 
  • Black wash (citadel nulon oil) 
  • Dry brush Vallejo London grey 
  • Dry brush Vallejo light grey or sky grey 
  • Dry brush just a touch of white 

Paint the surface different browns to get your dirt. 

Next flock your piece and add your woodland scenic clump foliage and grass turfs and your ready to go

After flocked and clump foliage and army painter grass turfs 

Add Trees and if the trees get in the way you can just remove them 


  1. Nice effect. No doubts about where the edges of the woods are either.

  2. Thanks for the feed back Aj if you have any questions or anything feel free to email me at happy gaming !