Friday, February 27, 2015

Telegraph poles !!!! 20-28mm

With this post I'm going to show you guys a quick in easy way to make telegraph poles for your ww2 gaming table .. Telegraph poles are a great extra and can really make the table whole and more full !! Now i know you can go and buy these at warlord games or train shops or where ever .. But when I bought the chain of command rule set and started reading I saw great looking telegraph poles and just needed to know how they were made !! So I quickly get on to the toofatlardies site and wrote them an email about what they used for the metal things on top of the poles that the wires would be attached to . They got back to me an told me that they were inner tubes to pens where the ink is held .. So with that being the only little bit of info I needed I got right to work !

First we want to take some bass wood or balsa wood and cut them into scale size depending on the scale your trying to achieve I used 1/4in or 0.6cm round balsa wood 
For 20mm you want to cut them into 5inch pieces and for 28mm a couple inches or so taller. After you have them cut you can grab some wooded coffee stirs and cut them to go across the 5 inch piece you cut .. I just eye balled these pieces so that they looked even and weren't to long .. 
After that you want to take the inner tube to you pen that you have and drain that of ink and cut them into little pieces (again I just eye balled this) just make sure that they don't look to big. Glue your pieces across and let them dry after take some WOOD GLUE and glue your inner tube pen cap pieces and glue them on and let dry.

Ounce that's dry you can move on to painting and basing . For painting I used Vallejo chocolate brown with a little German grey mix (recommended by the lards) after I painted the pen caps white as to take the plastic look away . I painted them white to represent the porcelain material that they are. After that I dry brushed some stone grey on the wooden parts of the pole after that drys I went ahead and dry brushed the tiniest bit of white .. Trying to give it a weathered look.

After your paint has dried you can move onto basing them .. I used some basic washers from my local hardware store and hot glued them into place and let that dry ... After I used some GROUT AS texture 

Spread that around the bases to give it a texture around the poles let that dry and paint the texture in different browns to get the best looking dirt you can after that you can flock it with static grass and their ready to go and these cost you about 2 dollars to make
 instead of paying 25$ for a set plus shipping and waiting for them to get here and i personally like the look of these better than the plastic ones or the ones you can get online better .. If you have any questions feel free to email me at 

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