Monday, March 2, 2015

Chain of command 20mm jump off points and 28mm jump of points

Recently among many other projects I threw together some 20mm jump off points for chain of command and my 20mm German and American paratroopers. Right now we're playing chain of command in 20mm at our club but recently I've just started on my 28mm British and German army's with figures from ARTIZAN DESIGN ,CRUSADERS, WARLORD GAMES, along with terrain and vehicles.(that's for another post). A few weeks ago I received my 28mm jump off points from toofatlardies and absolutely love them !! Great casting besides one Sten gun that has a chip in it, they are second to none, GREAT SCULPTING AND DETAIL  And cant wait to get them on the table!

Here's the GERMANs jump off points I just finished below... 

NOW HERES THE TOOFATLARDIES 28mm jump off points below !

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