Sunday, March 22, 2015


A quick way to make some great looking fences !

First grab a popsical stick and some coffesturrers (I used this old shade I had a around the house wich I think is a little thicker) but coffesturrers should get the job done nicely. Also you'll need bass wood. 

You can cut the bass wood into small pieces and glue them to the popsical sticks or you could cut them and take a long coffesturrer and glue one piece of bass would on each end and the middle wait for it to dry and then glue that whole piece to the popsical stick.
Next start cutting up smaller pieces of your coffesturrers and glue them to your long piece. These will be your pickets on your fence. (Cut them irregular) gives then a worn look
After those are all dry you cut the round ends to make them square (you should really do this before you start I didn't and decides to cut them after) next take some grout and texture the bases and then add sand. 

Next spray paint your primer I used black.

Paint white I used Vallejo white . It's going to take 3 or 4 coats to stop the black from bleeding through. Paint the dirt I used Vallejo flat brown (dry brushed)
Then a dry brush of Vallejo beige brown and a light dry brush or Vallejo tan earth. 
 Then to dirty the white and ware it down dry brush some flat brown beige brown and the main dry brush of chocolate brown all over the fence. Add flock and tufts and some woodland senic clumped foliage . Here's the finished product 

A great piece of terrain to add to the table that can be made for any scale.

Another great blog that gave me the inspiration on making fences is 


  1. Great terrain. I did something similar but still need to put grass and bushes on.