Friday, March 6, 2015

Game night at the club

Last night was game night at our club and we played an attack defend setup out of the Chain of Command rule book. The attacking Americans had to drive the Germans out of the built up area or force them to leave the field by causing there force moral to drop to zero. Here's some pictures of the battlefield below

The game started with an American armored platoon attacking a regular German platoon defending a built up area . The Americans deployed one squad and the Germans responded with some great dice rolling pinning an American rifle section behind a hedgerow witch caused them to eventually broke due to increasing level of shock. This quickly evened out 
the Force Moral, (the Germans rolled poorly at the game start and started with a Force Moral level of 8 the Americans rolling better starting with 10). With luck changing sides from the moment the Americans rolled double 6s about 4-5 times in a row which gave them free run of the field deploying and moving at will and calling down a barrage that lasted almost the remainder of the game. This forced the Germans to make a string of poor decisions causing a rifle team to break and multiple casualties on the other teams caught in the barrage. Both sides rolled a crazy amount of 5s causing a lot of unexpected moves and decisions, making for a very bloody battle for both sides. After some bloody exchanges the Americans made their move to take the buildings.

Unfortunately the game had become so intense that I forgot to take pictures of the Americans final advance and have only a limited amount of pictures to work with here. With some of us still trying to get the rules down pat, time was not on the Americans side. Even with the string of double 6s and more chain of command points than they knew what to do with the American plan became bogged down. Casualties started taking a toll and force morale was dropping on both sides. With time running out to play, the Americans made a string of bold decisions allowing the Germans to deploy the rest of their platoon and hold the buildings . At the end the Germans were down to a force moral level of 4 and a final assault by the Americans dipped their force moral level to 2 and they decided to retire from the field (also time running out because it was getting late). Next time no matter how intense the game gets I will surely remember to take more pictures to have a better write up :) all and all it was a GREAT GAME and a GREAT TIME !!! We're looking foward to playing more Chain of Command games !!  It's also more practice for the upcoming game I'm putting on at a local convention , HAVOC coming up in a few weeks. 

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