Monday, March 16, 2015

New terrain piece (hedge field)

I've been making some new terrain for my CoC game I'm putting on at a convention coming up (havoc).

I started by just cutting a piece of MDF board to the size I was looking for and taking some corrugated card and cutting a piece smaller than the MDF so it would fit evenly in the middle. Glue that and put something on top of it to keep some pressure on it wile it drys . Next take some grout and texture the whole thing around the card to blend it into the base then add your sand for further texture. After that's dryed paint the dirt. I used a dry brush of flat brown then beige brown and tan earth .paint the corrugated card. I painted mine in flat earth then a brown wash. Let the wash dry completely and then dry brush in flat earth again. Next dry brush some kaki and then Iraqi sand to high light the top.

I then cut some green furnace filter and shaped it to hedges cutting all right angles and play with it until you think it looks right. I would have liked to use some rubberized horse hair but I'm currently in the searching process for that now.  After you shape them you want to spray paint them flat brown and then a tan color along the tops to give them some contrast.

Flock around the edges and then attach your hedges.
I used Tac glue which seems to hold them tight into place. Let them dry for a wile and then tape the middle and the path ways and your ready to flock the hedges.
Take some water and PVA glue in a spray bottle and spray down the hedges and add flock and let dry over night. Take your tape off and you have your piece! Make sure you kinda play with the hedges to fluff them back up all the glue and flock can clump up and weigh them down. Remove all the clumped up flock by just flicking the hedges and gently pulling up on them and whiping all the excess. Now your ready to go! Here's the finish product ! 
If you have any questions feel free to email me .. Happy gaming !! 

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