Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chain of Command (AAR)

Yesterday I was able to sneak in a Chain if Command game in.

We played ( The probe ) where one side has to deny the ground to the other, by routing them off the table, but keeping their own Force Morale above 3.

The sides were a regular German platoon (force rating of 0) vs an American armored platoon(force rating of +4). 

Here's a few snaps of the table.

The end of the patrol phase.

The Germans Force Moral was an 11, The Americans a 10. 

So the Germans kicked it off by deploying a squad just behind the wall in the court yard.

Rolling 2 5s,6,3,4 that's all they did and passed the initiative to the Americans.

The Americans started by deploying 1 squad just behind the hedge and their machine gun squad to the German right of the hedge field further down the street.

The Germans then deployed a second squad to counter the American machine gun squad on their right flank. Deploying into the back of the yard.

Also moving the first squad deployed, up to the wall, to take up a firing position against the on coming Americans.

Th Americans, with some bad command dice, moved up to the hedge line and put down covering fire against the Germans along the wall.

The next German phase, the Germans along the wall let loose on the Americans in the hedge line inflicting 3 points of shock. The second German squad moved up to the fence to take a defensive position.

The American phase brought more bad command dice, really limiting there respone. They returned fire with the squad in the hedge missing. 

On the next German phase, the Germans along the wall let loose on the Americans across from them.only 6 inches away, close SMG range. killing one and inflicting 6 points of shock, pinning the Americans. 

The Americans depolyed one of their senior leaders and took 3 of the 6 points of shock off off the pinned squad.

Their machine gun squad, tried to make a dash across the street but, only rolling a 3 on two dice and crossing a low obstacle, dropping the low die they were stuck out in the middle of the street.
The Americans also threw a mortar round at the Germans along the wall but missed.

The Germans continuing the pressure, fired at the Americans in the hedge this time, killing 3 wounding the junior leader and putting 2 more shock on the already hurting Americans in the hedge.

In the distance the Americans could hear tank tracks cranking in the distance, until a Panzer IV appeared at the opposite side of the road from the American machine gun squad, stuck in the middle of the street.

The tank blasted away at the Americans on the road inflicting 2 points of shock.

The Americans continued to run across the street trying to desperately get out of the tanks line of fire.

Getting the first squad in the field behind the cover of the the fence and out of view of the tank. 
 But the next MG team to cross wasn't as lucky, getting stuck in the street.

The Americans along the hedge line rallied the remaining shock, and returned fire as best they could actually wounding the German junior leader, and inflicting one point of shock on the Germans taking cover behind the wall.

The next German phase brought a double phase. The German tank unleashing on the American machine gun squad down the road, inflicting 3 points of shock.

 The Germans along the fence finally getting into the action, let loose on the American MG team in the field completely whiping them out, Inflicting 2 more points of shock on the remaining team in the road, pinning them.

Remembering the Germans had another phase still to go the Americans decided they had enough and decided to pull back to fight another day. 

To be fair the Americans were in a tough spot on the table and had the worst dice rolls I've seen in a wile. From rolling for command dice, to moving, to save rolls, it just wasn't the Americans day.

The game when quite fast, in only a little over an hour. 

I was just happy to get a game of CoC in!

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