Friday, April 3, 2015

The End of the Outhouse Gang at Little Cohones

Last night we played a desperado western gunfight game at the club

The Outhouse gang, have had a couple days of pillaging, drinking and having some good times with the girls at Bertha's Hotel and Palace of Exotic Delights. The town's people and lawmen have rounded up a posse to put an end to the Outhouse's tenure in little Cohones. With the army coming in from the north after fighting off some local engines and sherif Richards (2-Dicks) Richards closing in from the south Cess Poole and the gang decide to make a break south towards the border of Mexico. (They need to get off the south end of the table with as many of their members loot they can.)

The map

Here's some pictures of the table

The local girls at Bertha's

The games starts with the army making their move into town 

An Outhouse gang member Vyle Habet takes the opening shots at private Herve Lackaplomb, grazing  his head and hitting his horse. Failing his check to try and stay on his horse Herve gets thrown from his horse, but is unhurt.
By chance Private Lackaplomb's card gets called next and returns fire at Vyle in the window of the bank hitting all around the window and making Vyle drop for cover. 

Eval Doings and Cess Poole hearing the shots emerge from Berthas with Skags Dullard and Eval making a break left to the alleyway. 
Sheriff Richards in an upstairs window across the street with a reaction card coveringthat alleyway takes a shot and hits Eval in the stomach immobilizing leaving him and until he bleed outing the middle of the street. Marking the first Outhouse gang member to drop in the streets of Little Cohones. 
B.O McCaferty runs down the street and takes a couple shots at Cess Poole who is taking cover behind the boxes and misses him. Cess Poole returned fire but hit the boxes making B.O. drop and hug the barrels for cover. 
 Skags Dullard on the top of Berthas, hears the commotion and runs to the window to see the army coming in from the North. He takes 3 shots at Clay Dogsbody in the wide open only grazing his horse in the shoulder and Dogsbody in the head.
Meanwhile after posing for the camera Buffalo Chip Brown,makes a break for the back of the jail trying to cut off the 3 gang members escape route.
                   He gets caught by Outhouse member Hank Sewage and is cut down behind the jail making him the first lawman to bite the dust.

 The buzzards lurking

Cess Poole, meanwhile, about to be cut off by the army swinging behind Berthas on horseback, runs and dives through the window of a shop.
B.O trying to take advantage of Cess Poole on the ground, runs up to the door way but misses 3 shots.

4 Fingers Gore getting up and repositioning in the window of the bank takes a couple more shots at Lackaplomb but misses. Lackaplomb returns fire putting 3 rounds in the chest and stomach of 4 Fingers even with the cover of the window. 

Vyle Habbit Turning around after gunning down Buffalo Chip Brown runs to the corner of the bank and takes a couple shots at Lackaplomb hitting him in the shoulder, wounding him lightly but doing no real damage.
Lackaplomb adjusts a little to his right takes aim and puts 3 into Vyle Habet killing him. That's 3 men down out of the 6 Outhouse members to only 1 down lawman

Just when things were seeming hopeless for the gang, Hank Sewage turns the corner and shoots B.O McCaferty in the back dead as he was about to try to shoot the befuddled Cess Poole as he's still dazed from diving through the window trying to get out of harms way.

Mean while Skags Dullard sees his chance to run out the second floor side door of Berthas and down the stairs and around back of the alley as the soldiers were closing in.
A couple more cards for Cess Poole and Skags allowed them to move further down the back street towards the border as the sheriff was occupied with Hank, as Hank too pushed down the back street on the opposite side of Cess Poole and Skags. 

Cess and Skags got as far as the back of the gun shop when from the rear private Dogsbody rides up  takes a big swinging miss with his rifle butt. Skags then turned to hit back but missed.

Lt. Xavier Butts ran from the front of the street but failed to reach the fight. Skags then backed from the fight giving Dogsbody a free hack at him, but he missed. This allowed Skags to get off a couple of shots missing Dogsbody but striking the horse causing which fell on Dogsbody, leaving the Lt to face Cesspoole and Skags .
Cess Poole has backtracked to help out his buddy in the fight getting to the corner of the gun shop shooting the Lt. In the right arm causing a light wound. On the next card  Skags turned and shot the Lt. dead. The next card called happened to be for Skags again he then decides he's going to turn and shoot the pinned private that's stuck under the horse with 3 rounds but when he fires he realizes that he had fired his last round and missed his opportunity. 
Lackaplomb made his way down the Main Street riding to his fellow comrades rescue taking a few shots at Cess Poole but only causing minimal damage.

Meanwhile on the other side of the street Sheriff Richards was in his own gun battle with Hank. Hank was able to run further down the street towards the border hiding behind a Mexican hut. The sheriff then decided he was going to run out the main door and get as close as he could to shoot Hank and that's exactly what he did, Missing the first 2 shots but hitting Hank in the chest with the 3rd killing him.

Dogsbody was able to finally wiggle free from the horse and regain his composure. The Sheriff was able to run across the street and make his was to the corner of the gun shop. Stopping just short of being able to get a shot off because he was unable to see the action going on just around the corner.

The cameraman decided there was a lot better things to photograph besides taking pictures of a dead man in a casket and turning, he started taking snaps of the action !!!
Cess Poole then decided to trade  more shots with Herve Lackaplomb in the middle of the street. Striking the horse and getting tossed with no additional damage. A couple more shots from Cess Poole strikes Lackaplomb breaking his leg inflicting a major wound and allowing Lackaplomb only to crawl for the rest of the game.
Thinking the turn was over, one more card was called and it was sherif Richards (2-Dicks) Richards. The Sheriff turns the corner walking right up behind Cess Poole and fires 3 shots missing the first one but hitting with the last 2 to put an end to Cess Pooles rain of terror. Leaving Skags Dullard by himself to face the music. 

The first card of the next turn called Dogsbody to empty his last 2 rounds in to Skags breaking his leg and denying his ability to make it to the border and that was the end of the Outhouse gang.

So a bloody victory for the law and the town of Little Cohones. leaving all the members of the Outhouse gang dead and bleeding in the streets for the town to see and to set an example for any other outlaws that might be thinking about coming around. 

It was fast paced game we got in done in just a couple of hours. 
A successful game night for the club and another great time!

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  1. Hi Ricky,

    These are great pictures. They really highlight the detail on the 28 mm figures. Very nice paint job.

    Dick White